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Re: realise diff-updates with dpkg

> > Anyway, rsync sounds like the most appropriate mechanism to
> > transfer these particular databases.

[iceWave IT]
> My blacklists should be available for everyone not only for those who
> can connect with my server via ssh...

rsync doesn't require ssh; for your scenario you probably just want
'rsync --daemon' from inetd.  And yes, this is very much a job for
rsync.  Or go with zsync, if you want to use http as a transport.
Don't try to emulate rsync with dpkg, it will not go well.  dpkg
doesn't add anything you can't get with a little scripting (and
producing your incremental debs definitely requires some scripting

(If reloading a full dataset into your database is _that_ expensive,
what you want to do is 'ln'-backup the old file, rsync the new, 'diff'
them, and use the diff output to generate a database import script.)

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