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Re: realise diff-updates with dpkg

> A DNSBL is the traditional solution for blacklists, why are you
> putting your blacklist in a .deb?

I meant blacklists specially for squidguard. That are hughe files with domains / URLs inside. So e.g. porn could be blocked in your network.

> What if a node misses an update, then?
> And what if it's not turned on for a month, or gets restored from an old backup?

DPKG does nothing than execute the postinst script - in DEBIAN/control is information about from which to which version this Updates works (e.g. from Version 1 to Version 2) - if the actual Version is 0.9 DPKG cant execute the script because there is not the right Version installed. To know which update has to be installed an front end like aptittue has to know which updates are avivable and gets this updates. If the client was for a long time offline the front end maybe doesn't find all updates to update from the installed version to the actual version, so the complete package has to be downloaded again.

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