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Re: detailed lists with archive contents - more than just Contents

On 13129 March 1977, Helmut Grohne wrote:

> This was an afternoon proof-of-concept thingy that kind of accidentally
> got a debian.net pointer, but so be it. It seems to be somewhat useful.
> The service basically records checksums of all regular files in Debian
> sid main and provides a web interface to this database.

You may want to join #debian-ftp on irc.debian.org and discuss with us.
We already have to unpack each and every .deb when we install it into
the archive.

Gathering more data and then writing it wherever accessible is not hard
to do, and usually the better thing to do (after the poc stage) than
having it run elsewhere and redo it all and again. :)

bye, Joerg
They didn’t have any aspirin, so I got you some cigarettes.

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