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detailed lists with archive contents - more than just Contents


recent discussion (e.g. w.r.t. jquery.js) has shown that Contents files
as is are not really suitable as a source for reporting bugs.
On my side I'd like to do further analysis on symlink vs. directory
conflicts and conffile takeovers (that may possibly corrupt the dpkg

What would be much more helpful for archive wide problem analysis
(without requiring you to download and unpack the whole archive)
would be a full-detail list of all package content:

* package
* fullpathname
* type (file, directory, symlink, ...)
* owner
* group
* permissions
* size (for regular files)
* symlink target (for symlinks)
* md5sum (for regular files)
* marked-as-conffile
* ...

In addition to this there could be additional lists for e.g.
* alternatives
* diversions
* ucf handled configuration files
* files/directories created by maintainer scripts
* ...
these would need to be generated by separate tools (and usually require
installing the packages) and can be used to find more possible
conflicting points between packages.

Do such lists already exist?
Are there tools to generate them?


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