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Re: openjdk maintenance for wheezy and squeeze


Matthias Klose <doko@ubuntu.com> writes:
>  - Afaik openjdk-7 for kfreebsd does build on kfreebsd (according to Damien)
>    with the kfreebsd kernel from wheezy. So maybe some commitment could be
>    found to upgrade and maintain the kernels before wheezy is released?

  Actually as far as I could narrow it down it was the squeeze/buildd
schroot/sbuild combination that is not able to build openjdk-7 on
kfreebsd while it worked fine for me using only schroot/sbuild from
wheezy. I tried narrowing down further but went out of ideas and
round-trip-time for trying things out was somewhat a show-stopper. If
Damien has different/additional results I'm happy to try on that again
but I guess it would be somewhat hard to get a change in for wheezy and
it *should* work once wheezy is released (I'll try that again as soon as
I can -- but then I'm somewhat bussy right now and wheezy RC bugs have



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