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Re: Dual licensing for KDE-Oxygen Icons

On 2013-02-14, Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@bestsolution.at> wrote:
> They dual licensed their icons in history but removed this option
> there've been multiple factors to do this and I was told that Debian
> was one of the reasons because you had problems with this dual licensing
> option.

If anyone said Debian has problems with dual licensing, someone must
have misunderstood something or someone.

Dual licensing usually means 'you can choose any of the two' for

e.g. dual licensed (GPL|proprietary) is seen quite a lot. Debian just
chooses the GPL license.

iirc back in the days, the oxygen icons was specifically *only* under
cc-by-(sa)-2.0 and given that one isn't considered free by Debian, we
got them to add lgpl as an alternative.


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