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Re: Go (golang) packaging, part 2


Am Mittwoch, den 06.02.2013, 16:31 -0800 schrieb Russ Allbery:
> Normal
> versioning problems that we just take for granted in C, such as allowing
> the coexistence of two versions of the same library with different ABIs on
> the system at the same time without doing the equivalent of static
> linking, vary between ridiculously difficult and completely impossible in
> every other programming language that I'm aware of

things are not that bad in Haskell: Precisely due to the rapidly
changing ABIs, and hence usually very tightly versioned build
dependencies in the library metadata, Haskell (i.e. Cabal) has very good
support for installing multiple versions of a library being installed at
the same time. Work is in progress to even support multiple builds of
the same library (e.g. foo-1.0 built against bar-1.0 and foo-1.0 built
against bar-2.0) to be installed at the same time.

Of course this is not a feature that helps us a lot in Debian, where we
usually want to provide one single version of each library. But that is
due to our choosing, and not a shortcoming of the language ecosystem.
And we have had exceptions (parsec, QuickCheck) when there are two
common major versions of a library, so it is possible.


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