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Re: Go (golang) packaging, part 2

* Adam Borowski:

>> The worst case scenario IMHO is some people invest a lot of time to
>> make the Debianized-Go stuff quite divergent from upstream, people's
>> expectations of how things behave in Go-land are broken when they
>> access Go-via-Debian
> Just think what would happen if every single language and environment
> would be allowed its own packaging system. This way lies madness.

Not if there's a clear separation between the language's solution and
dpkg-land. Mind you, almost every language already has its own packaging
system or two. I really don't see any big deal here.

> Yes, packaging needs to be beaten into shape, even if this goes
> against upstream wishes.

Just put up a boundary between dpkg and everything else. This is
actually quite easy because Debian packages generally don't install
anything to /usr/local. From there it's just a maatter of ensuring that
each packaging system respects the line. And I expect that that's
exactly what is going to happen in the case of the go(1) tool.


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