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examples for better-not-native packages was: No native packages?

Let's start to collect examples of package which we might should rather not be 
native. This might make the discussion easier.

- maven-repo-helper, maven-debian-helper
  both packages contain a lot of logic that would also be usefull for other
  distributions, e.g. fedora. However the code needs a lot of cleanup.

I hope the following is a useful command to search native packages:
aptitude search "?source-version(^[^-]+$)" -F "%p %V %d"
of to narrow the search to installed packages
aptitude search "?installed ?source-version(^[^-]+$)" -F "%p %V %d"

Even the narrowed search to installed packages reveals a few packages which 
makes me wonder why they're native:

awesome-extra               2012061101     additional modules for awesome
dvcs-autosync               0.5            Automatically synchronize ...
emacs-goodies-el            35.3           Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
fdpowermon                  1.7            simple battery power monitor
git-annex                   3.20130124     manage files with git
github-backup               1.20120627     backs up data from GitHub
hardlink                    0.3.0~rc1      Hardlinks multiple copies ...
ikiwiki                     3.20121212     a wiki compiler
jarwrapper                  0.43           Run executable Java .jar files
laptop-detect               0.13.7         attempt to detect a laptop
maven-ant-helper            7.7            helper scripts for building ...
metainit                    0.0.5          Generates init scripts
mr                          1.13           Multiple Repository management tool
netmask                     2.3.12         helps determine network masks
os-prober                   1.57           utility to detect other OSes ...
pristine-tar                1.26           regenerate pristine tarballs
ssft                        0.9.13         Shell Scripts Frontend Tool
whois                       5.0.20         intelligent WHOIS client
xtrlock                     2.2            Minimal X display lock program

This list makes me wonder whether it's really worth the effort that Joey 
separates upstream and debian version of his packages?


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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