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vertical quotes invisible in Evince (Wheezy Beta 4)

The Evince invisible single upright quotation mark problem still
exists! I just wasted about 20 minutes trying to read a document about
a computer program and couldn't figure it out because the quotes were

I tried to report this against Evince in Debian, but the page that
reportbug took me to said all rendering problems should be reported to
the Poppler team. I filed that one:


I'm not completely certain the problem is in Poppler.  The upright
quote does not show in Evince, but it does show in Acrobat acroread,
xpdf, and okular.  Since xpdf also used libpoppler, that makes me
wonder if the problem is actually in Evince.

And if Evince is unable to show the symbol, shouldn't it show a black
box or other noise to warn the reader that something is missing?

It is getting to the point now where I doubt that Evince should be the
default document viewer in Debian. About 1/2 of the time, it can't
print PDF documents, and now it does not render them correctly.

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