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Re: DEP3 Last-Update field without time?


On Sat, 19 Jan 2013, Thomas Koch wrote:
> I assume "ISO date format" refers to ISO 8601[3]. Is there any particular 
> reasond why the field should not include the time of the last update? I think 
> all relevant programming languages can parse and produce Datetime strings like 
> "2007-06-20T12:34:40+03:00".

The reason is that DEP-3 headers should be easy to type and manually keep
up to date. And I don't see any reason why meta-data of a given patch
would change multiple times per day.

> It would avoid a few lines of code and a bit of inaccuracy if we could agree 
> that the last-update field may also include seconds resolution.

I prefer a few more lines of code and a simpler format. It's optimized for
humans, not for scripts.

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