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Re: Package version numbers

Quoting Jakub Wilk (jwilk@debian.org):
> * Stephen Kitt <steve@sk2.org>, 2013-01-15, 23:27:
> >The version of calibre in Wheezy is 0.8.51+dfsg-1; what should the
> >update's version be? I'm purposefully not mentioning our ideas
> >(one of them is obvious from the exchanges in the bug report, but
> >is in all likelihood incorrect).
> I would paint the bikeshed the following color:
> 0.8.51+dfsg1-0.1

Isn't that missing the fact that this is a t-p-u upload, which is
indeed the start of a "wheezy" branch?

So something we were naming "+wheezy<foo>" in the past and which we
now name "+deb70u1".

The main problem is indeed the combination of a t-p-u upload and an
NMU of a Debian native package.

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