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Re: idea -- apt-based init daemon

hhm <heehooman+debian-devel-list@gmail.com> writes:

> As is well known, init daemons in distros the distro-world over are
> replacing sysvinit.
> As far as I can tell, among the reasons for this phenomena is:
> 1) to take advantage of parallel processing
> 2) to work better with event-based systems (linux kernel etc.)
> Sysvinit was created in the age of synchronous computing systems, and
> it reflects this. Now systems are becoming more asynchronous.
> The way these things are addressed is often:
> 1) a dependency system
> 2) an event trigger system
> Well, does those two things sound familiar, by any chance :-)?
> Apt manages dependencies, and processes triggers. It was created for
> managing software packages...
> ...maybe it can be augmented with functionality to manage software services too!

Is it first of April again?  I haven't even noticed!
This idea violates the KISS-principle.


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