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idea -- apt-based init daemon


As is well known, init daemons in distros the distro-world over are
replacing sysvinit.

As far as I can tell, among the reasons for this phenomena is:
1) to take advantage of parallel processing
2) to work better with event-based systems (linux kernel etc.)

Sysvinit was created in the age of synchronous computing systems, and
it reflects this. Now systems are becoming more asynchronous.

The way these things are addressed is often:
1) a dependency system
2) an event trigger system

Well, does those two things sound familiar, by any chance :-)?

Apt manages dependencies, and processes triggers. It was created for
managing software packages...

...maybe it can be augmented with functionality to manage software services too!

The details of implementing this can vary; people more familiar with
the Debian infrastructure can figure this out.

1) portable to any system which has apt/dpkg/sysvinit
2) huge code/idea/system reuse, can easily adapt extra features
currently used for package management
3) compatible with existing Debian infrastructure

- apt has been optimized for manipulating files, not processes (batch,
not real-time)
- might not be fastest tool for this job
- may require significant tweaking of existing package managing implementations

Hope this helps!

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