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Bug#698142: general: gnome locks up (other CLI terminals still OK)

On 14.01.2013 12:49, Michael Biebl wrote:
> On 14.01.2013 12:37, Richard Atherton wrote:
>> Package: general
>> Severity: important
>> After using Gnome for a few minutes it locks up. i.e. mouse pointer still moves but nothing else works. 
>> Even the on-screen clock stops.
>> ctrl-alt-F1 still gets me to CLI which still works normally.
>> Can then reboot using ctrl-alt-delete but haven't found any other way to get Gnome back.
> Please file the bug against gnome-shell using reportbug on the system
> where you experience this problem.

Sorry, might have been a bit to quick to close the bug as I somehow read
gnome-shell in the subject, doh'

Richard, can you confirm, that the bug is happening on the system you
filed the bug report from, i.e. squeeze?

To me this looks like an X issue. Can you attach /var/log/Xorg.0.log,
the output of dmesg and your ~/.xsession-errors next time such a lock up


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