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Re: Bug#697433: Is the Package-List field necessary for uploads ?

Hi all,

here is a new version trying to addres Simon's and Guillem's comments.

By the way, isn't "Package-Type: udeb" completely redundant with "Section:
debian-installer" ?

Have a nice week-end,

-- Charles

@@ -2671,6 +2671,7 @@ Package: libc6
            <item><qref id="f-Description"><tt>Description</tt></qref> (mandatory)</item>
            <item><qref id="f-Homepage"><tt>Homepage</tt></qref></item>
            <item><qref id="built-using"><tt>Built-Using</tt></qref></item>
+           <item><qref id="f-Package-Type"><tt>Package-Type</tt></qref></item>
@@ -2751,6 +2752,7 @@ Package: libc6
          <item><qref id="f-VCS-fields"><tt>Vcs-Browser</tt>, <tt>Vcs-Git</tt>, et al.</qre
          <item><qref id="f-Standards-Version"><tt>Standards-Version</tt></qref> (recommend
          <item><qref id="sourcebinarydeps"><tt>Build-Depends</tt> et al</qref></item>
+         <item><qref id="f-Package-List"><tt>Package-List</tt></qref> (recommended)</item>
          <item><qref id="f-Checksums"><tt>Checksums-Sha1</tt>
              and <tt>Checksums-Sha256</tt></qref> (mandatory)</item>
          <item><qref id="f-Files"><tt>Files</tt></qref> (mandatory)</item>
@@ -3801,6 +3803,34 @@ Checksums-Sha256:
+       <sect1 id="f-Package-List">
+         <heading><tt>Package-List</tt></heading>
+         <p>
+           Multiline field listing all the packages that can be built from
+           the source package, considering every architecture.  The first line
+           of the field value is empty.  Each one of the next lines describes
+           one binary package, by listing its name, type, section and priority
+           separated by spaces.  Fifth and subsequent space-separated items
+           may be present and parsers must allow them.  See the
+           <qref id="f-Package-Type">Package-Type</qref> field for a list of
+           package types.
+         </p>
+       </sect1>
+       <sect1 id="f-Package-Type">
+         <heading><tt>Package-Type</tt></heading>
+         <p>
+           Simple field containing a word indicating the type of package:
+           <tt>deb</tt> for binary packages and <tt>udeb</tt> for micro binary
+           packages.  Other types not defined here may be indicated.  In
+           source package control files, the <tt>Package-Type</tt> field
+           should be omitted instead of giving it a value of <tt>deb</tt>, as
+           this value is assumed for paragraphs lacking this field.
+         </p>
+       </sect1>

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