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Re: Time to merge back ubuntu improvements!

Le vendredi 4 janvier 2013 05:44:57, The Wanderer a écrit :
> That doesn't seem to match my experience.
> I most commonly encounter apt-listbugs bug lists via 'apt-get
> dist-upgrade'. If I say "no" in response to the list of bugs, and then run
> 'apt-get dist-upgrade' again, I see the same list of bugs. (I just did
> this again, and checked /et/apt/preferences ; that file does not exist,
> and /etc/apt/preferences.d/ is empty.)
> I don't nearly as often encounter apt-listbugs bug lists via 'apt-get
> install [packagename]', but I do seem to recall that in cases where I have
> done so, saying "no" and re-running the same command likewise produced the
> same bug list; at the very least, it didn't try to prevent me from
> installing the version which had been listed as buggy. (Nor would I want
> it to, at least not without a way to override the block just as
> conveniently as it was set up in the first place.)
> So either I'm not understanding what you mean by this description, or what
> you're describing doesn't seem to be happening on my system.

I think Gregor is describing the behavior when choosing p instead of n. In 
that case it sets a pinning and you don't see the bugs again.

Best regards.

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