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Building a package that needs boost system sources


I'm packaging a project (ecflow) that uses Boost, but more specifically
the boost system build dir to build.
That is, the recommended build procedure at the moment is:
untar & build boost_1_47,
export BOOST_ROOT=/tmp/boost_build_dir
untar ecflow into eg. /tmp/ecflow_dir
export WK=/tmp/ecflow_dir
cd $WK && $BOOST_ROOT/bjam

Ideally of course I'd like to build using the Debian boost libraries /
system, but have
been unsuccessful in getting this working, no matter what I set BOOST_ROOT
to. Has anyone else got a package that builds using the boost system sources
that I can crib and learn from? I'm unfamiliar with boost build systems
at the moment.

best regards

Alastair McKinstry  , <alastair@sceal.ie> , <mckinstry@debian.org>   

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world is either a madman or an economist - Kenneth Boulter, Economist.

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