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Re: openmotif is now LGPL, retirement of lesstif in jessie?

Hi Paul

Paul Gevers <elbrus <at> debian.org> writes:

> > The openmotif package has recently been orphaned since the maintainer
> > is MIA.
> Not quite, the maintainer said he didn't have time anymore. It is a
> detail anyway.

My apologies, I assumed the package becoming orphaned was a result of me
emailing the MIA team back in September.
> > I have been working on a new packaging of the LGPL motif from scratch
> > using dh.
> Why from scratch? Take the good things from the current package, but
> indeed, I would like to switch to dh(1) as well. I am currently working
> on getting the current package fit for multiarch and hardening enabled.

I started from scratch by switching to dh, and then then used what was still
required from the existing packages in Debian and Ubuntu.

The results of my efforts have now been published here:

> > I would like to see the openmotif package renamed to motif
> What do others on this list think? I think openmotif as the source
> package name is a fine, but I don't really care. The only thing that I
> like about keeping the name is that the history of the package is better
> linked in the PTS and such.

My feeling is that "openmotif" as such, no longer exists.

> I do appreciate your effort, but currently Joël Bertrand is the one in
> the orphan bug [1], stating his intent to adopt (although he forgot to
> retitle and own the bug). I proposed to him (no response yet) to make
> this a team effort, do you want to join? I really would like to get the
> packaging in a VCS, e.g. on Alioth in the collab-maint project.

I would be happy to join a team effort.


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