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Re: Package variant selection policy using meta packages


Am Sonntag, den 23.12.2012, 23:18 +0100 schrieb Wouter Verhelst:
> > With my scheme, he could install i-want-all-prof-packages and the
> > package manager will automatically install the missing -prof packages.
> Actually, that's not guaranteed, since your proposed
> i-want-all-prof-packages package doesn't actually have any relationship
> with the prof packages. As such, removing all haskell packages might be
> a correct solution to the problem of "installing this package causes a
> shitload of package conflicts" too and might be the solution the package
> manager chooses, depending on the packages which are already installed,
> the other operations that are being requested at the same time you
> install the metapackage, and the phase of the moon.

It’s true that the interaction with the package managers might render
this problematic; this needs to be tested. Although in this case I think
it should work, as apt-get, AFAIK, will always prefer installing
packages over removing existing ones.


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