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Re: Package variant selection policy using meta packages


Am Samstag, den 22.12.2012, 14:39 +0200 schrieb Andrei POPESCU:
> On Sb, 22 dec 12, 13:17:32, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > Users tend to fall into one of three classes:
> >      A. Users that, if they have foo-dev installed, always also want
> >         foo-prof installed.
> >      B. Users that want to manually decide for what packages they want
> >         the -prof package and for what package not.
> >      C. Users who don’t want any -prof package around.
> > 
> > Currently, we only really help user B. If user A installs foo-dev there
> > is nothing that ensures that he gets foo-prof installed as well.
> And a foo-dev Recommends: foo-prof is not suitable because?

because we cannot tell what the user will want. For example, a user of
xmonad will not want -prof packages installed, and an addition 400MB of
useless stuff on his computer is not in his, and hence our, interest.

Also, a user from the class A wants a stronger guarantee than just
Recommends, which is just a suggestion to the package manager, but not a
a hard relation. With the i-want-all-prof-package metapackage it is
guaranteed that for every -dev package, there is the corresponding -doc
package installed.

Am Samstag, den 22.12.2012, 13:32 +0000 schrieb Neil Williams:
> IMHO, actively preventing the installation of optional dependencies is
> not something which actually warrants support.

I admit that use case C might not be as useful as the difference between
B and A, but it doesn’t hurt either (assuming a meta-package based
approach is taken for A and B).

> None of these packages get installed by default, simply disabling the
> installation of Recommends by default meets all the requirements of
> cases B & C without making an artificial block between the two.

I find this a bit coarsely grained. I might be a user in class B or C,
but besides that I certainly want to follow whatever the maintainer of a
package recommends me to install. Disabling the installation of
Recommends would change the behavior of _all_ Debian package. I don’t
think this is a good solution.


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