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Re: Multiple source package entries in Sources file

>> So whats the point in having multiple versions of the same source
>> package?
>   My guess: there are multiple versions of the binary packages depending
> on the architecture, and the archive kept the corresponding source
> packages.

Indeed -- gcc-snapshot has a habit of failing to build on some architectures 
so it's not that there are lots of different versions in the Sources (or 
Packages) for any one port. Either talking to UDD directly or using rmadison 
can tell us more about this:

udd=> select version, architecture from packages where source = 'gcc-
snapshot' order by version;
    version    |  architecture  
 20120313-1    | ia64
 20120407-1+b1 | hurd-i386
 20120704-1    | kfreebsd-amd64
 20121008-1    | armel
 20121106-1    | sparc
 20121120-1    | armhf
 20121120-1    | amd64
 20121120-1    | mips
 20121120-1    | mipsel
 20121120-1    | powerpc
 20121120-1    | s390
 20121120-1    | s390x
 20121120-1    | i386
(13 rows)

The buildd status [1] shows recent builds and build failures. Clicking on 
"ia64" will show you that the last successful build of gcc-snapshot was the 
20120313 version, which is why it's still there in the ia64 port.

[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=gcc-snapshot&suite=sid

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