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Re: RFA: jabberd2 -- Jabber instant messenger server

On Ma, 18 dec 12, 09:20:25, Willem van den Akker wrote:
> Hi,
> I am willing to maintain the packages jabberd2 and udns.
> I have already uploaded new versions of both packages to
> mentors.debian.org.
> http://mentors.debian.net/package/udns
> http://mentors.debian.net/package/jabberd2

If your intent was to contact the current Maintainer you should CC them 
explicitly. RFA bugs are filled against wnpp and there is no way to tell 
if the Maintainer is subscribed to the bug.

If your intent was to look for sponsors there is a special procedure for 
that, but you should still CC the original Maintainer, as they might 
want to sponsor you.

In the particular case of jabberd2 you should most definitely contact 
the Maintainer first, because:
- it is a Team (they will probably welcome your help)
- they are not the original Maintainer who filed the RFA (they may have 
  forgotten to close the bug)

Regarding udns, the package doesn't appear to be orphaned (no O: bug 
against wnpp). In this case uploading a new package might be considered 
a hijack. If you want to help you should definitely contact the 
Maintainer first.

Kind regards,
P.S. This is probably off-topic for debian-devel, you might want to 
follow-up on debian-qa
P.P.S. I am not a Debian Developer
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