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Re: dput-ng/1.1 in unstable

On Thu, Dec 06, 2012 at 09:53:41AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Anything less than the full fingerprint (8, 7 or whatever)

I hadn't noticed that 0xFEFACED was only 7 characters. That's cheating ☺

It might be worth noting that GPG does not accept less than 8 chars as an
argument prefixed by 0x

> $ gpg --list-keys 0xDEFACED
> gpg: error reading key: malformed user id

I've just learned that my key is uniquely identifyable by the last three
bytes within (and only within) the current debian-keyring

> $ gpg --list-keys --with-colons|grep AAA:
> pub:u:4096:1:0907409606AAAAAA:2009-09-14:::u:Jon Dowland <jmtd@debian.org>::scESC:

Not that this information is particularly useful to me. (the '4096' bit
is serendipity too, since it's a 4096-bit RSA key.)

I pledge not to post to any systemd-related thread on -devel until
(at least) 2013.

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