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Re: Packaging MATE for Debian

Hi Joss,
thank you for your feedback.

Il 04/12/2012 00:05, Josselin Mouette ha scritto:
This still includes seemingly useless forks of:
- libwnck, still in Debian
We forked libwnck for three main reasons: to have stable API, to keep GTK2 support, and to add new features on it (we already started to do this).

- libgnome-keyring (no GTK3 dependency)
There is already a plan to drop it and use the new libsecret instead.

- libnotify: only trivial API changes between the forked version and
    the current one
This is a nice suggestion, we should drop libmatenotify and use upstream version instead.

- libgnome-desktop (still in Debian)
We improved libmate-desktop as our main library, for example we added our shared gsettings schemas there, and added some functions specific for MATE. We cant drop it.

- metacity (here to stay)
Marco (metacity fork) is our specific window manager, and we added a lot of improvements and customizations there too.

- gnome-doc-utils (here to stay)
We are working on replace it with yelp tools.

We are discussing on reasons to keep or drop other libs too (as gweather and mate-menus)

On a related but less important matter: unless they have been pushed
upstream, you might also want to add the patches that we had in Debian’s
GNOME 2 that fix long-standing bugs – I’d quote the file manager’s fixed
width columns, which I find almost unusable without the patch, if I had
to choose one.
Thank you Joss. We already added a lot of your patches (example [1]) in our upstream, and we'll continue to do this :)


[1] https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-file-manager/commit/4a58c31e2

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