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Re: Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-30)

On 03/12/12 11:19, José Luis Segura Lucas wrote:
> Are all the packages affected by this issue going to be removed
> from testing?

No, unless you prevent them from being fixed by making uploads that
are not suitable for wheezy. (You quoted the full text of the email to
which you replied, so presumably you had first read it and observed
that it outlined a plan to fix this without removals... right?)

> In addition, I will package the newer upstream version of the 
> gnome-dvb-daemon, but I think that it still suffer the broken-ABI
> problem.

In experimental only, please. Making uploads to unstable that are not
suitable for wheezy is likely to impede fixing #674156, which could
result in this package being removed anyway.


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