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Re: Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-30)

I just see that propose of removal gnome-dvb-daemon just after I made a
RFA to it... Nice! :-D

I agree that the problem of gnome-dvb-daemon its related to #674156 as
Simon stated.

Are all the packages affected by this issue going to be removed from

In addition, I will package the newer upstream version of the
gnome-dvb-daemon, but I think that it still suffer the broken-ABI problem.

Best regards

On 30/11/12 17:22, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> On 30.11.2012 13:03, Simon McVittie wrote:
>> Suggested options include:
>> A) Consider the new ABI to be "right". Recompile every package that
>>    mentions the affected structs (including everything that
>>    subclasses GstElement), unless it has already been compiled
>>    against GLib 2.32 on every architecture.
>>    +: Every frequently-uploaded package, including large ones like
>>       Webkit, Qt and the Mozilla suite, have already been compiled
>>       against GLib 2.32 in practice anyway. The most significant
>>       exception that I noticed is GStreamer 0.10, which is where we
>>       noticed this ABI break: the problem is that "core" GStreamer has
>>       not been recompiled since, but some packages that subclass its
>>       objects have.
>>    -: Binaries built against squeeze's GLib on the affected
>>       architectures will break, in relatively rare circumstances[2].
>>       We have to recompile up to 227 source packages.
> I think this is basically what was suggested in
> <20121130125125.GS5634@radis.cristau.org>, with the negative point being
> addressed by adding Breaks: for those cases we can identify.
> Regards,
> Adam

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