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wheezy and gcc 4.3 (and maybe 4.5)


I have some kernel regressions with my hardware (usb and network). In fact it is the first time I am doing stuffs for the linux kernel team.

The thing is that the last known working kernel is a 2.6.32-46 and the last known unworking kernel is a 3.2 (could be prior to this but unsure). I am using git bisect to try to find where the problems are.

Anyway, my problem is that I need some gcc versions that are no more supported on wheezy. Indeed, the first kernel version I have to compile is a 2.6.37, which, as far as I know, requires gcc 4.3.

I tried to compile this kernel with gcc 4.4 but if failed. So I am looking to install gcc 4.3 into my debian wheezy. Unfortunately, all my attempts failed (too many broken dependencies).

Maybe someone here can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I hope I subscribed to the good mailing list, if not, please point me to the good one.

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