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Re: Maildir vs. mbox in Debian

>>>>> Christoph Anton Mitterer <calestyo@scientia.net> writes:


 > But it also has disadvantages to the mbox formats which may be
 > crucial for some people:

 > - wasting a lot of storage, which can be significant even if you use
 > small file systems block sizes...

	Only as long as static mbox files are considered.  However,
	removing a message from an mbox requires an amount of free space
	equal to the size of the mbox in question, sans the message to
	be removed.  OTOH, removing a message from Maildir requires no
	additional filesystem space.

 > - full text search will typically be slower, as one has to open/close
 > many files

	What are the estimates?  And wouldn't it be better to use some
	kind of a specialized search engine if searching is deemed
	“crucial”?  I guess that it may render the difference between
	the formats somewhat irrelevant.

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