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Maildir vs. mbox in Debian

>>>>> Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> writes:


 > Quoting from that page:

 > # With the advent and now widespread adoption of the superior Maildir
 > # format over the past several years, the entire "mbox" family of
 > # mailbox formats is gradually becoming irrelevant, and of only
 > # historical interest.

 > which is no news.  And you can't really run a mail server in mbox if
 > you ever receive mail from business users: for them, sending the text
 > as an image wrapped in a Word document is the rule rather than an
 > exception[1].

	Unfortunately, it's not just the business users.  The so-called
	“office productivity suites” are seemingly widespread in
	academia and science, for instance.


 > So, what's the reason mbox is still the default in Debian?

	That's what I wonder about, too.


 > With current disk sizes, no one should care about a few gigs here, a
 > few gigs there.  Unless you need to read a mbox linearly, that is.


	JFTR: I've switched my mailservers to Maildir c. 2006, for much
	improved performance and manageability, and never had an issue
	with that.

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