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Naming Debian Versions on debian.org web site.

Hi there,

I've been using Debian since 2.x, but recently I 
was confused by (missing) namings on the
debian web site:

1. Main Page http://www.debian.org/ (German):

[10. Nov 2012] Helfen Sie uns bei der "Wheezy"-Veröffentlichung: Nehmen Sie an unserem BSP-Marathon teil
[29. Sep 2012] Debian 6.0 aktualisiert: 6.0.6 veröffentlicht

Last message speaks of "wheezy" (rhyming to squeeze, confusingly) which is 7.0
Below, Debian 6.0 is mentioned, but neither here nor in the

2. Download area http://www.debian.org/distrib/ 
the code name "Squeeze" is not used. There, not
even the version number is printed. 

I think, as we don't want to loose interested users
on the very first step, it should be discussed to 
mention always both version number and code name.

What is your impression?


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