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Re: major linux problems summary 2012

The Wanderer <wanderer@fastmail.fm> writes:
> On 11/12/2012 03:52 PM, Karol Szkudlarek wrote:
>>> (BTW, I plan to purchase a Lemote YeeLoong 8101B, which has only GNU/Linux
>>> support, but haven't had news from the vendor yet.)
>> I've heard some time ago about Lemote laptops (aka Stallman recommendations!)
>> its worth attention but they have very wierd low resolution (1024x600), small
>> RAM (1GB) slow processor and I think it hardly usable for a developer using
>> modern envirotments like GNOME or KDE. Maybe for browsing net or editing text
>> files in emacs by Stallman is enough. ;-)
>> Regards, KarolSzk
>> BTW, I'm still using my "broken to run in Linux" design E6510 Dell Latitude
>> laptop. :-)
>> ps2.
>> Vincent try look on Thinkpad X220, I don't remember who but some person from
>> Debian recommend this to run linux 'out of the box'.
> Or you could try one of the laptops from ZaReason; they specialize in designing,
> building, and supporting laptops specifically intended to run Linux. I haven't
> used one myself, but they look like a good outfit from what I can see, and the
> laptops look decent within the somewhat limited selection available.

A word of caution: a few years ago, I bought a (supposedly) Linux laptop
from www.emperorlinux.com, and it was a huge disappointment. Just
because a company claims that they're selling something "specifically
intended to run Linux" doesn't mean that it actually works well. (In my
case, many features weren't working at all, and the remaining features
were made working by collecting various workarounds from all over the
internet and spreading them all over the file system so that on system
upgrades they'd randomly break things).



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