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Re: Re: major linux problems summary 2012

On 2012-11-12 21:52:41 +0100, Karol Szkudlarek wrote:
> >(BTW, I plan to purchase a Lemote YeeLoong 8101B, which has only
> >GNU/Linux support, but haven't had news from the vendor yet.)
> I've heard some time ago about Lemote laptops (aka Stallman
> recommendations!) its worth attention but they have very wierd low
> resolution (1024x600), small RAM (1GB) slow processor and I think it
> hardly usable for a developer using modern envirotments like GNOME
> or KDE.

I've mentioned the Lemote YeeLoong because the point is to get
a *small* laptop for basic things (and I use neither GNOME nor
KDE). It will not replace the Dell Latitude.

> Vincent try look on Thinkpad X220, I don't remember who but some
> person from Debian recommend this to run linux 'out of the box'.

It would be interesting to know which Debian developers have
which laptops. Bugs appearing on these laptops might be fixed
more easily. At least it would allow bugs to be checked and
possibly reproduced more easily.

I'm wondering whether any Debian developer has a G98/G98M NVIDIA
card to confirm bug 640464.

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