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Re: RFC on MBF (non-freeness of "The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil")

On 11/11/12 17:17, Michael Banck wrote:
> So how should we proceed?  Is this dire enough that we need to repackage
> original tarballs, removing code under the JSON license?  Or can we
> postpone this after the wheezy release and only patch out the offending
> code for now?

IANAL, but I believe the license issues don't limit distribution, so we
can keep shipping the files.
Whether they have to be moved to non-free is a slightly different
question: one interpretation might be that the offending section limits
*use* of the software, so, as long as packages can be patched to not
make use of the code, it could theoretically remain in main. But this is
admittedly a slack interpretation.


Leo "costela" Antunes
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