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Re: Where could I upload x32 port bootstrap?

+++ Steve McIntyre [2012-11-10 18:28 +0000]:

> *If* we want to include x32, it's worth describing it and
> understanding the potential benefits properly and getting some
> benchmarks. There's been some work in Ubuntu on the benchmarking front
> (as I saw mentioned in a session at UDS last week[1]), which should be
> worth looking at. Hmmm, can't find any direct links to them,
> though. :-( Maybe somebody else can fill in here?

These were discussed at UDS:

comparing 64/64 64/32 32/32 kernel/userspace for various tasks, memory
usage, power consumption, and duration where approporiate.

What I can deduce from those is that 32-bit userspace definitely uses
15-20% less memory. power consumption was the same within 1% for most
tests, but 10% and 4% worse on 32bit for 2 tests (no idea why). 

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