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Re: Where could I upload x32 port bootstrap?

On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 06:02:36PM +0100, Bastian Blank wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 10:47:43AM +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > That'd make it mostly worthless.  If you need to co-install amd64 packages
> > on the same system (but not physical machine!), memory gains are gone.
> Right now the term "partial architecture" is not defined. So which
> memory gains are you talking about?

Thomas Goirand says it's 400MB vs 700MB.  I really doubt these numbers as
over 75% of all variables in all running programs would need to be pointers
so something must be amiss, but even far more conservative estimates you can
get by looking at executable size and/or some random structs in first piece
of code you have at hand, still give something quite nice to have.

And, let's not argue about estimates, but let's have Daniel Schepler's work
uploaded SOMEWHERE that we can apt from, and take a look.

> > On the other hand, x32 can be pretty nice in, for example, vserver
> > situations: you have tens of fast CPU- and memory-efficient vservers while
> > you have an option of adding an amd64 one.
> We don't want 50GiB of binary packages just for you.

Not just vserver, it's good for any low-power x86 box you can buy new.

As far as I know, i386 has gone the way of the dodo everywhere but for some
embedded uses.  Intel had a throwback with early Atoms, but even that is
gone, VIA seems to do amd64 exclusively as well these days.

For some strange reason, i386 is the only architecture that's allowed to
have its buildds emulated on a foreign arch.  Scrap that, and suddenly it
drops far closer to the m68k land it belongs.  Let's think of making
*that* a partial architecture, for running wine and proprietary stuff :p
(I kid, I kid, I myself have two ten years old boxes still running.)

So that 50GB of binary packages would benefit not just vserver hosting, but
also every x86 netbook user.

And for learning how big these benefits would really be, there is only way
to know.

[I propose postponing this part of the flamewar until there's an aptable
source you can debootstrap from.]

How to squander your resources: those silly Swedes have a sauce named
"hovmästarsås", the best thing ever to put on cheese, yet they waste it
solely on mere salmon.

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