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Re: Where could I upload x32 port bootstrap?

(Sorry for broken threading, I'm not currently subscribed to debian-devel.)

At some time in the past, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> wrote:
> Can someone give us numbers?  Using VMs or even the bare metal, it should be
> possible to gather some statistics about memory usage for x32 versus amd64
> for:
> 1) Desktop running gnome or kde (or both, whatever) with iceweasel open on
> the www.debian.org page.

Well, currently, neither gnome nor kde is fully installable, and
iceweasel doesn't build at all.

> 2) Maximum memory usage for a kernel, x.org or libreoffice build run.

libreoffice also doesn't build, waiting for dependencies.  (I was
surprised x.org builds successfully for x32, but I haven't actually
tested the resulting server.)

> 3) Memory usage of some common server workload.  E.g. email with
> amavisd-new+spamassassin (perl is a memory pig in amd64), or a LAMP stack
> with some common web application.

mysql builds successfully, but looking at the log from the testsuite,
it looks like at least the server is probably totally broken.  Also,
php5 fails to build because of the previously mentioned assumption
that __x86_64__ means x86_64 asm assuming 64-bit pointers will work.

> This should give us a pretty clear idea, and could go a long way to prove
> the case for x32 as a full arch as far as memory goes.
Daniel Schepler

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