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Something like nocompress DEB_BUILD_OPTION

I would like to have a nocompress Debian build option that will skip
any compression/optimisation at build time.

Specifically dpkg-builddeb and dpkg-source should use not use any
compression methods.

Similarly other tools can optionally listen on that variable e.g.
skipping pkgmangler and dh_scour.

This is meant to be a developer option when creating test/throw-away binaries.
In particular it would be useful during:
* change-rebuild-test cycles
* (local) archive rebuilds (when debs are not published, e.g. testing
a transition / binNMUs)

An even more crazy thought is to transfer uncompressed debs to a
faster host for compression.

Does this sound reasonable? Does this need to go as a feature request
against policy or debhelper or as a DEP?



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