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Re: Let dak commit all source packages to Git

]] Thomas Goirand 

> > It has the same problems with non-free files in the history as 3.0
> > (git).  Actually worse as the maintainer cannot remove parts of the
> > history in a later upload.
> We have the same trouble with snapshot.debian.org, and Alioth, no?

No, since we can black out packages there in the rare cases that a
package isn't just dfsg non-free, but actually undistributable.

> > It duplicates large amounts of data already available elsewhere. And all
> > repositories would have to live on ftp-master so that dak could commit
> > to them.
> >
> > I would also expect Git repositories for packages including binary data
> > like images, videos or audio to get very large.
> Yes, it's going to be huge! But if it is doable, I think it would be really
> a very convenient service. When snapshot.d.o was created, I heard
> about 12 TB of data. How big is it now?

around 17TB ATM.

Tollef Fog Heen
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