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Let dak commit all source packages to Git

Hi Michael, Zack, et al,

thank you Michael for codesearch. Since somebody asked about code browsing and 
Zack is interested in some source.debian.org I wanted to mention my dream:

For every debian source package that enters the archive, dak should commit the 
source code to a public readable Git repository and put a signed tag on it.


- One can just put a git repo browser in front of all git repos and have 
browsable source code of Debian.

- One can just issue

  git clone --branch=$VERSION git://git.XYZ.debian.org/$SOURCEPACKAGE

  and get the versioned source code of any Debian package even of those whose 
maintainers do not yet understand the beauty and superiority of Git. :-)

Would something like that help your project? I imagine that such an 
infrastructure could be a base for many nice project that we do not imagine 


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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