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Re: [SUMMARY/PROPOSAL] Orphaning another maintainer's packages

Thibaut Paumard writes ("Re: [SUMMARY/PROPOSAL] Orphaning another maintainer's packages"):
> Le 25/10/2012 15:50, Ian Jackson a écrit :
> > I'm also not that keen on the idea that the outcome is to orphan
> > the package.  The salvager should surely be adding themselves as
> > an Uploader.
> Is that in addition to or instead of orphaning the package?


> If someone notices that a package is in need of greater attention, but
> cannot commit to attending it themselves, it's important that the
> packages is marked at least as needing help.

Well, no, I don't think so.

Whether a package is in need of greater attention is not a hard and
fast objective thing.  It's to a large part subjective.  Perhaps the
maintainer thinks it's more or less fine, or at least low enough
priority that the problems are tolerable.

It's one thing to say "this package is in need of attention which I am
prepared to commit to providing".  It's quite another to say "this
package is in need of attention but I'm not going to do anything other
than say it's a problem".


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