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Re: [SUMMARY/PROPOSAL] Orphaning another maintainer's packages

On 10/25/2012 12:11 AM, Steve Langasek wrote:
And I don't think this is a realistic scenario. Why can't you find N other DDs who agree with you that the package should be taken over?
Hum ... and what makes you think that it will always be easy
to find people to ACK? Making sure that a package is left
unmaintained does take some time.

At the end, some DDs might just send ACK on some
hijacking/salvage bugs in the BTS just because they trust their
friends, without doing any checks, which would defeat the
purpose of such ACK. Some other DDs might decide to just
never send ACK because they don't want to be in the middle
of a package "ownership" battle. In some other cases, we will
see bugs being opened, nobody sending ACK, and the person
willing to become the new maintainer not doing anything
because not motivated by this.

For the case of someone not being a DD, and willing to
take over the maintainership, and not knowing a lot of people
in the Debian community, this process of ACK / NACK might
simply not work at all.

I remember when I started a thread about 6 months ago,
willing to take over maintainership of a clearly unmaintained
package (since then, all other packages of this maintainer
have been orphaned...). It (unwillingly) created a huge thread
about when and when not taking over a maintainer, with some
of the thread participant having no clue what so ever if the old
maintainer was still alive or not.

All this for what? Avoiding that someone hijacks a package?
Does this happen often? If yes, please point to the relevant
recent cases, because I must have missed them. I'd be also
glad to read what kind of consequences we are facing with
more relaxed rules.

The rules are already too tight for no reason now, so of course
I don't think adding even more paper work for taking over
someone who's anyway MIA would be a good thing.


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