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Re: Popularity of bzr-builddeb and dh-make

On 19/10/2012 11:16, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:
>> The last time I complained about non-pristine-tar git package repos on
>> IRC, I was told that pristine-tar doesn't scale.  So apparently in git
>> usage, folks haven't worked out that the unpacked upstream source should
>> be tracked as a branch instead of trying to track a pristine-tar delta
>> against the upstream git branch directly.
> What did you mean by that last sentence?  I was unable to parse it.  In
> particular, I think I don't understand the difference between "tracked as
> a branch" and "track a pristine-tar delta against the upstream git
> branch," which both sound like they mean the same thing.

I think he meant running pristine-tar commit with tarballs on upstream branches
that share history with the upstream VCS repository, rather than the upstream
branch that git import-orig maintains.

But there shouldn't really be an issue with this kind of usage either -- I've
used pristine-tar with upstream VCS branches before for storing release tarballs.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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