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Re: Popularity of bzr-builddeb and dh-make

On Fri, 12 Oct 2012, Craig Small wrote:
> Steve with his years of packaging experience is not probably a good
> sample of one to base this upon. I'd be curious to see if newer
> packagers use it or not.

I still use dh-make from time to time. Mainly to get a template for
debian/control and debian/copyright. It tend to be annoyed by the *.ex and
*.EX files though (IMO it would be better to have a debian/TODO listing
all the stuff that one should consider adding to the package with
appropriate pointers to the documentation).

In any case, I think it's a good idea to list dh-make in packaging-dev's

I have no opinion on bzr-builddeb.

> As far as what packaging-dev recommends or suggests, I've never used it
> so don't really care either way.  I am curious why a specific tool is
> recommended over a generic one (I don't use bzr anywhere so it would be
> useless for me).

The idea is that you get all the tools required to contribute to most of
the packaging teams in Debian.

It's not about endorsing a specific workflow.

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