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Re: Popularity of bzr-builddeb and dh-make

Am Donnerstag, den 11.10.2012, 14:38 -0700 schrieb Steve Langasek:
> Hi Benjamin,
> On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 10:38:08PM +0200, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> > How popular are bzr-builddeb and dh-make in Debian? The current
> > situation is that packaging-dev recommends bzr-builddeb and suggests
> > dh-make. It was requested to drop bzr-builddeb from Recommends and add
> > dh-make [1]. The recommended packages of packaging-dev should be
> > recommended by most of the Debian developer and not just by the
> > maintainer of packaging-dev or one single bug reporter.
> I think this is a failing proposition.  There are as many different
> preferences about packaging, to the nearest order of magnitude, as there are
> Debian developers.  I'm fine with this package being one maintainer's
> recommendations for some packages; I'm not at all ok with it being recast as
> a blessed recommendation of the project, as I object to about a third of the
> stuff in there.

The main purpose of this package is to help beginners to get ready for
packaging and not making a recommendation statement for the Debian
project. The question is: Will you recommend newcomers to install
packaging-dev to start packaging? Will installing packaging-dev be
enough or will you recommend to install bzr-builddeb or dh-make

> > Therefore I am asking you: How popular are bzr-builddeb and dh-make? 
> > Should they be recommended or just suggested by packaging-dev?
> dh-make isn't so relevant now that debhelper 7 exists.  cp
> /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.tiny debian/rules && dch
> --create, manually create debian/control and debian/copyright, and that's
> about it.  

That's my opinion, too.

> bzr is the fourth most popular version control system in Debian according to
> <http://upsilon.cc/~zack/stuff/vcs-usage/>.  If you're going to demote
> bzr-builddeb (which doesn't bother me), I think you should also be demoting
> svn-buildpackage, because svn is horrible and should die.

I agree that Subversion should die, but it is still widely used.

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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