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Re: Question about debian experimental.

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Le 08/10/2012 18:30, Andrej N. Gritsenko a écrit :
> Hello!
> I have a question. Since maintainers of LXDE are extremely busy
> last few months I would like to find a way to upload latest
> upstream version of libfm and pcmanfm into experimental
> repository.


Please don't feel sorry for trying to help. But also understand that the
maintainers of a specific package usually work on there spare time and
are concentrating on the release.

I'm not sure if anyone but the LXDE maintainers would upload these
packages for you, even in experimental.

There are two things you can do:
 1- make your packages readily available on the internet, but not in
the official archive;
 2- help the official maintainer integrate your changes.

1- make the packages publicly available:

I would try building the binaries on at least the two most popular
architectures, i386 and amd64. Choose a version number such as
to make it sorts before any future official version, including NMUs
and backports.

You would then need to upload the source and binary packages to some
website. github can serve you here.

Finally, just mention it in the bug reports, so users can find your
updated packages.

2- Two things to do to help your work reach the official archive:
 a- Send your changes to the bugreport(s) as a patch and tag the bug(s)
    +patch (this is almost a must do)
 b- Prepare another source package (with version such as x.y.z-1~exp1,
    sorting after your personal package), make it available on the web
    (e.g. on http://mentors.debian.net/) and send an RFS
    _to_the_official_maintainers_. You can also, in addition, make this
    RFS a bug against the sponsorship-requests pseudo package but
    please explain the situation carefully there.

Kind regards, Thibaut.

Rest of original post:

> I feel sorry that I constantly bug the maintainers with the same
> question and I think they already hate me that I ask them despite
> they are still have no time for that. So I would like do not bore
> them anymore. I have all the required debian/* files which are
> files from 0.1.17 / 0.9.10 versions with some corrections needed to
> conform Debian Policy rules where they were not and adapted to all
> what was changed in upstream. Packages made with those files are
> proven to be created and installed smoothly on Wheezy. Those 
> debian/* files are public available on
> https://github.com/LStranger/. Why I would like to upload them into
> experimental? That is simple - I would like to let people in Debian
> BTS who are struggling from bugs that prevent them from usage of
> old versions of pcmanfm to get current version which is free of all
> those bugs. So question is - may it be possible to upload them into
> experimental or I have still to bother maintainers? I feel sorry to
> do that again.
> Thank you very much. Andriy.

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