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Question about debian experimental.


    I have a question. Since maintainers of LXDE are extremely busy last
few months I would like to find a way to upload latest upstream version
of libfm and pcmanfm into experimental repository. I feel sorry that I
constantly bug the maintainers with the same question and I think they
already hate me that I ask them despite they are still have no time for
that. So I would like do not bore them anymore. I have all the required
debian/* files which are files from 0.1.17 / 0.9.10 versions with some
corrections needed to conform Debian Policy rules where they were not and
adapted to all what was changed in upstream. Packages made with those
files are proven to be created and installed smoothly on Wheezy. Those
debian/* files are public available on https://github.com/LStranger/.
    Why I would like to upload them into experimental? That is simple - I
would like to let people in Debian BTS who are struggling from bugs that
prevent them from usage of old versions of pcmanfm to get current version
which is free of all those bugs.
    So question is - may it be possible to upload them into experimental
or I have still to bother maintainers? I feel sorry to do that again.

    Thank you very much.

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