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Re: Out of Date Package and Maintainer Absence

On Wed, Oct 03, 2012 at 10:27:22PM -0700, Vincent W. Chen wrote:
> I am willing to co-maintain the package with Manoj, or even maintain
> it by myself if he's no longer interested in dealing with it. But
> since there has been no reply from him I now turn to the list: any
> suggestion on what I should do now, or what I should have done?

You should start preparing a newer version of the package, making as few
changes to the packaging decisions made by Manoj (e.g. stick with pre-dh
debhelper if that's what he's using; don't introduce cdbs or other packaging
helper tools if they aren't already in use; stick to the VCS he's using, etc.)
and putting your WIP somewhere public, both as a repo that can be cloned and
attach a patch to the bug. Tag the bug 'patch', too.  That way, we are talking
in concrete, not abstract terms. Debian is a 'do-ocracy'.

As for getting it into wheezy: I don't think odds are particularly high, but
the release team will need to see a newer version of the package in order to
decide whether to grant a freeze exception or not.

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