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Out of Date Package and Maintainer Absence


My questions involve bug #684395 and the FVWM package. Though the bug
is only severity: wishlist, I do hope to see newer version make it to
Wheezy, seeing as how the last NMU was on 2012 May 5 and the last
update by maintainer Manoj was on 2010 Jun 8. As indicated in the bug
report, the current version in Debian is outdated and no longer
maintained by upstream. I have contacted Manoj and his reply was
included in the bug report, but no update has been received from him
since, which was over a month ago.

I am willing to co-maintain the package with Manoj, or even maintain
it by myself if he's no longer interested in dealing with it. But
since there has been no reply from him I now turn to the list: any
suggestion on what I should do now, or what I should have done?

As I stated before, I am not trying to hijack his package. As a user
of FVWM I just want to see it updated and some bugs closed. I'm just
willing to pick up where he left off and learn the ropes if Manoj
don't want to take care of the package anymore.


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