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Re: thoughts on using multi-arch based cross-building

+++ Paul Wise [2012-10-01 17:42 +0800]:
> On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 10:34 PM, peter green wrote:
> > I've been attempting to use multi-arch for cross-building packages for
> > raspbian (a debian derivative I am working on for armv6 hardfloat) and run
> > into a few things which I thought i'd share and/or ask about.
> I'd like to see cross-toolchains in sid before wheezy is out, is that
> going to be possible? Perhaps with some sort of temporary source
> package build-depending on gcc-4.7-source?

It's possible, but some more is still needed to have them built by the
normal buildds. Wanna-build needs support for cross-arch dependencies;
that's not been done yet. Splitting (multiarching) libc++-dev is also
needed to build the g++ cross-compiler, http://bugs.debian.org/678623
and it would need either a small source package to the do the
non-standard GCC_TARGET=foo dpkg-buildpackage build, or a bit more
work to make it standard. 

Thibg's final report gives a useful summary: 
and this blog post gives some more details:

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